Latest Release:

Version 0.90
-Tested working with Firefox 19 in Windows 7 (64-bit) and with Hulu Lab’s Desktop App 0.9.14


-Added support for Hulu Lab’s Hulu Desktop app for Windows, at certain screen resolutions. See the FAQ for supported resolutions. (When using this option please select Desktop App in the program window or change desktopApp to true in the config file, otherwise select Browser in the program window or set the desktopApp value to false)
-program window size is no longer adjustable; this fixes an issue where the program window would not draw properly upon startup
-Improved the visual blocking feature: now covers more area along the top, displays a subtle “Blocked by HuluMute” message when active, and no longer requires the use of a selectWindow command
-As such, the Select Window Command feature has been removed
-A link to the FAQ has been added to the help menu of the program window

-minor GUI bug fixes
-the user may now Ctrl+Click or Middle-Click the tray icon to start/stop the muting process
-website referenced during update checks has been changed, as a result it is recommended you update to this program version or later to continue to receive reliable update notifications

-added a user interface for editing and saving the configuration, stopping and starting the mute process
-program window close minimizes to tray; quit function available from program window and system tray used to exit the program
-ability to load default values
-Improved features available from tray icon: stop/start & open functions added; icon also changes colors: green when muting/blocking, red when stopped
-now generates a hulumute.conf file when none is found
-prompts the user to save any changes upon exit
-update check now asks for confirmation before directing user to downloads site

-added functionality for update checks. These checks are on by default, and can be deactivated by the updateCheck value in the config file.

Known Issues:

Sometimes fails to mute a commercial
• Never the first ad during a commercial break
• Probably more frequent with debug logging on
Sometimes exits the fullscreen flash player.
May have a memory leak, where the program’s memory footprint gradually increases by 4kb.
• As such, it is not recommended to leave the mute process running for extended
periods of time while you are not viewing Hulu content.

More debug info is needed to narrow down the cause of these issues, if you experience any please send me the hulumute_log.txt info.

Previous versions

Version 0.81
Version 0.80
Version 0.7
Version 0.6
Version 0.5


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