Now on GitHub!


I’ve not made any additional changes to the program itself, but the source and current (and future) distribution(s) are now hosted using GitHub after a helpful anonymous commenter suggested a few file hosting alternatives. 

The Downloads Page now reflects this hosting change for release 0.9.0 and you can find the GitHub repository here if you want to collaborate with me in any way, or otherwise view/modify the source.

I do have a list of features I would like to add, so if I have any free time during this school semester, you may see some improvements coming your way.  If you’ve got any feature requests, you can email me, and if you support this project I’ll have additional time and resources available to more quickly improve this program.

Thank you and

Happy Hulu-ing!


HuluMute returns!

Downloads are back online!

As some of you may have noticed, the previous download links have been broken for some time.  Dropbox decided that distributing my program with a measly 1,000 downloads was putting too much of a strain on their puny corporate servers, and they suspended my ability to share links via their service.

Unfortunately, this means I’ve had to switch to MediaFire for file hosting, so if you don’t have something like Adblock Plus running, you’ll have to endure a barrage of ads before you can download the installer.  Oh, the irony!

Feel free to email me suggestions for alternative file hosting services, or support this project with a monetary donation so I can afford to get a real website and file server up and running!  In the meantime, the files are available again here.

Happy Hulu-ing!

An Update on the Status of Hulu Lab’s Desktop App

Hulu Lab’s Desktop App was not available for download at the time of HuluMute’s current release (V0.90), nor is it available to this day. A poster, Ryan, on the Hulu Desktop Discussions forum on Hulu’s website claims to have received an email from Hulu Support that reads as follows:

Hi Ryan,
Thanks for writing in! I’m very sorry to deliver the disappointing news, but we no longer have Hulu Desktop available for download. Desktop was a beta application and since it is no longer being developed, we have removed it from our site. In the past, the application was much different from our actual web site; since our site has undergone many updates, the two seemed a bit redundant.
We definitely know that many users benefitted from this application so, I assure you, we miss it too. I’ll certainly pass your request along to the rest of the team. If you need anything else from me, please don’t hesitate to ask.
Aimee V.
Hulu Support

As such, for whatever reason it looks like Hulu Desktop is no longer being developed or supported, but I believe that it is a great desktop experience for watching Hulu content without the need of a browser, and the application is not broken yet and continues to function as expected.

The program is still available for download at or As an additional option that is free from any potential bloat-ware found in softonic and CNET installers, I have uploaded my copy of the Hulu Desktop Setup file and you can download that here.

Due to the fact that Hulu Desktop is no longer being published, supported or developed, future versions of HuluMute may not support Hulu Desktop either. I haven’t decided yet how I should approach this issue, but my first and foremost focus will be on creating a useful and functioning application that people like yourselves will use. If you have any thoughts on the matter or suggestions for future functionality, comment here or send an email to

Happy Hulu-ing!