New Version 0.90 Released. Adds Support for Hulu Desktop!

Version 0.90 can be found at the Downloads Page.

This version adds support for Hulu Lab’s Hulu Desktop app for Windows. (Hulu Lab’s download link is broken at the time of this release but should hopefully be restored soon)

EDIT: Hulu Desktop is no longer being developed by Hulu. See this post for more info.

If you are using this option, select Desktop App from the program window or modify the appropriate config value.  HuluMute’s ad detection mechanism is screen-resolution specific, so not all screen resolutions are supported. A full list of supported screen resolutions can be found here.

Other changes include improvements in the visual blocking feature.  More screen area along the top is covered, leaving only a small area in the left-hand corner necessary for ad detection. A subtle message reads “Blocked by HuluMute” to let you know the visual block is active.  This block screen was changed from a JFrame to a Window, (in case any of you geeks out there care) and the Select Window Command is no longer necessary and has been removed.

Other small changes: The program window is no longer adjustable and should therefore draw properly on program startup.  Also, a link to the FAQ has been added to the help menu of the program window.

Let me know how it works for you! Comment here or send an email to As always, feel free to support this project any way you can. I’d appreciate any feedback.  Thanks!


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