Version 0.8 Released! Big Interface Improvements.

Get it at the downloads page.  Feel free to support this project any way you can, if you so desire.

This release features the addition of few new features, mainly the ability to open up a graphical user interface to edit and save configuration values.  This window can be opened by either left-clicking on the system tray icon or right-clicking the icon and selecting “Open”. Closing this window does not exit the program, the user must select quit from either the system tray menu or the program window.

Also available from both the program window and system tray icon is the ability to stop or start the ad muting/blocking process.  When the program is actively searching for ads to mute or block, the tray icon is green. While this function is stopped, the tray icon is red.

A few additional features include a check to make sure you don’t forget to save any changes to the configuration file before exiting the program, and the update feature is a little nicer, giving you the option of whether or not you want to visit the downloads site. The last thing worth mentioning is the ability to load default configuration values, just in case something goes awry while you’re fiddling with the timings or commands.

I’m interested to know if anyone is using this program yet.  Leave a comment here to let me know, or email me at


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