Hello! HuluMute is here!

If you’re like me, you hate being bombarded with ads online, and while most browsers support great add-ons like AdBlock Plus, there are some drawbacks to using this sort of ad-blocking when it comes to watching videos on Hulu.com

  1. Your favorite television shows and movies don’t receive any revenue.  This totally removes the incentive for content providers to put their works online, and affects the future of free digital streaming services.
  2. Hulu defaults to muuuuch longer commercial breaks (sans actual advertisements) when ads are unable to load.  This gives us Hulu-goers a choice between sitting and staring at a Hulu warning message for 5 minutes each break or disabling ad-blocking on Hulu and watching 90 seconds of commercials during those breaks instead.

Fortunately, however, there are methods of muting or blocking advertisements on Hulu without either of these drawbacks.  This program is an offshoot of a simpler version that I found while searching for a Windows-compatible solution myself.  I have updated that simpler version for 16×9 resolution compatibility and added visual blocking as well as several other features.

By running this Windows program, and viewing videos fullscreen on Hulu through any modern browser, HuluMute will detect when an advertisement is shown (using Hulu’s own convenient feature that displays something like “Ad 1 of 3” in the top-left corner of the screen) and mute the audio and/or visually block the ads.  The program’s settings are configurable within a hulumute.conf file located in the program folder. The source code is available there as well.

It’s not perfect yet, and I’ve still got some bugs to work out and features to add, but it’s functioning well enough for a beta release at this point.  So go ahead to the downloads page, grab the latest installer and give it a go.  Don’t forget to make sure you have the latest version of Java installed. Comment here or send an email to hulumute@gmail.com with any questions or comments about this project that you may have. And as always, feel free to support this project.


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